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10 Minutes to Parenting Awesomeness!

Updated: Jan 8

What is the best thing we can give our children that is not just another "thing"? It is our time. As each of my children go through different ages and stages, I find that the single most important thing I can ever gove my kids is my time. It's what they remember most. I still remember being about 10 years old and asking my Dad to come watch a puppet show my sister and I had put together using hand made puppets and a box. He came and sat there and watched the entire thing and we were thrilled to death! As a working Mom with a big family, there is rarely a time when I am not extremely busy. But when my 7 year old son asks me to come and play army guys with him, I make a point to give him just 10-15 minutes of my time. That's all it really takes for him to be satisfied to get some "Mom time" and for me to feel like I did something right as a parent. You will NEVER look back on your child's life and think to yourself, "Gosh I regret spending that time with my kid when I could have been doing a load of laundry instead!" This time is especially important when you have multiple kids. For a teenager, this may be just talking together and reconnecting. For a younger kid, you could read a book to them or color in a coloring book. Some kids just need some extra hugs and cuddles.

I know how busy life can get, but giving them even just a small amount of time each day will leave you both feeling more fulfilled. This time is precious to both of you, and they will always remember how their Mom was always willing to take time away from her busy schedule for them. Also, if you make a promise to your kids to give them some of your time later on, make sure you follow through. It's so easy to say "I'll play with you later today after I get some work done!" Then later on you are exhausted and it turns into "Sorry honey, maybe tomorrow." If you do this enough times, their trust in you will start to dwindle. You want to be reliable and you need them to trust you.

Give your kids 10 minutes of your time whenever possible. It's not much, but it means the world and it truly will always leave you both feeling fulfilled!

Happy playing!!!!

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