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Sometimes Life is Like a Fairy Tale...
Toddler atop the space needle

There are good things, bad things, happy things, sad things, good guys and bad guys.  As parents we are trying to raise our kids to be the best they can be.. And not lose our sanity in the meantime!  (Although that still seems to happen sometimes). Having 5 kids spread out over a period of 18 years definitely teaches you a thing or two and you learn what works well and what doesn't work at all.  Then you have that one kid who goes against everything you thought you knew so now you have to rethink your strategies and tailor them to that one kid who just HAS to be a rebel! (Phew) Once Upon A Mommy would like to help you navigate some of the difficult issues that us parents face today.. As a Mom who has been there (and is STILL there) I know how challenging it is and how those challenges change with the times.

Happy Parenting!!!

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