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Platinum Parenting! Those A+ Moments When We Have to Give Ourselves A Pat on the Back...

Have you ever had a fantastic parenting moment where you thought to yourself, "Wow... That was pretty amazing!" Those moments of sheer awesomeness that will likely never happen again? If so, then you experienced a moment of Platinum Parenting! Here are a few of my own moments I had over the years, with the first one just happening this very morning! Feel free to comment and share your own Platinum moments (because I have no doubt that most of you have had at least one)... WARNING: Some is this content is... well, pretty gross.

  • I was sitting next to my toddler eating breakfast when she started to gag on her food. I knew it was all going to come up, so I put my hands in front of her mouth and caught the puke as it came out (because I certainly would rather wash my hands than clean up vomit from the table, floor, clothes, shoes, etc). I know... So disgusting! But hey, when you're a Mom, sometimes you have to think on the fly!

  • When my son was 3, I occasionally let him sit in the main part of the shopping cart. One day, I turned around for just a moment and he had stood up and leaned over the cart trying to grab some kind of vegetable off the rack. He ended up tipping the entire cart over! I was able to take one big step towards him as the cart was falling, drop to my knees and cradle his head right before it would have hit the ground. Awesome parenting save, but at the same time, let's all take a moment to learn from my mistake! Don't take your eyes off a toddler... It can have disastrous consequences!

  • Recently I was changing my 1.5 year old's diaper while she was laying on my bed (and boy, was it a NASTY one). Somehow in the midst of this change, she managed to reach down and grab ahold of one of the tabs. She proceeded to fling the disgusting diaper up and over her head and it would have gone flying over the edge of the bed, but I was able to reach out and grab it (by the outside, thank goodness) and save myself a giant mess. Luckily this time, the poop worked in my favor and stuck to the inside of the diaper the whole time. Welcome to Mommyhood!

  • My own mom had an amazing moment during an earthquake we had in California when I was a toddler. She ran a daycare out of her home at the time, and as soon as she started to feel the rumbles, she jumped into action! She had one toddler hold on to one of her legs, another toddler on the other leg, and a baby cradled in her arms. She managed to exit the house this way all while directing the other children to safely get out the front door. Needless to say, she got everyone out safe and sound. If that's not a platinum moment in action, then I don't know what is!

What platinum parenting moments have you had??

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