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5 things you MUST teach your teenager…

  1. TEACH THEM ABOUT CREDIT! Don't just say, "Your credit is important... Don't mess it up!" Explain to them how their credit will impact them throughout their entire lives. It will effect their ability to buy a home, a new car, get a personal loan and credit cards. Tell them that one missed payment on a car loan or credit card will stay with them for 7 long years and effect every other loan they try to get from here on out. It can even effect their ability to rent an apartment or get certain checking accounts. Make it clear that it IS a big deal to understand and monitor their credit.

  2. TEACH THEM COOKING BASICS! You do not want your 18 year old getting ready to move out and not knowing how to boil a pot of water. They may not be interested in learning how to cook now, but they WILL thank you later down the line! Make them practice at least some of the basics: How to cook eggs, chop veggies, bake chicken and make a cake (even if it's from the box!) Don't know how to cook yourself? This is an awesome opportunity to spend some quality time together and learn some new skills in the process!

  3. TEACH THEM HOW TO KEEP A BUDGET AND TRACK THEIR FINANCES! The days of keeping track of our finances via a check recording book are over! Order a simple budget tracking notebook online and give them a sample budget to work with (since most teens don't really have much to go off of) Teach them about needs and wants.

  4. TEACH THEM HOW TO USE SNAIL MAIL! This sounds so simple and obvious, but we hardly ever use the postal system these days, and you would be amazed at how many teens do not know how to mail a simple letter! Have them write a letter, then show them where the stamp goes and the return address label. Show them that those big blue mailboxes are for sending mail out!

  5. TEACH THEM TO BE THANKFUL AND POLITE! We teach them this early in life but it seems to get lost somewhere in the teenage years. Just remind them often to be thankful to those who have helped them throughout their lives. If they complain about a teacher, remind them that a Middle/High School teacher has a hard job that most people would never want to do, and they rarely get thanks for it. Suggest they send thank you notes to relatives who send them money for their birthdays. Hold doors and say "please" and "thank you". And of course, remind them of the Golden Rule! (For those who forgot, it's treat others the way you want to be treated")

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