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Hi There Future Achievers!

My name is Cristina and I'm happy you're here!

Being here means that you are trying to decide if college may be a good option for you, or you have already made the decision to further your education!

I started out probably right where you are!

I was working full-time at a mediocre job that was barely paying the bills...  My mind was bored and my bank account was virtually always empty... 


It had crossed my mind many times over the years that maybe I should go to college and earn a higher degree.  


Maybe it could be to do a job that I actually enjoyed and one that paid me enough money to pay the bills, and then have some left over.

But I always just assumed it wasn't an option for me.


I already had kids.  I had no choice but to work full time for my limited paycheck.  I thought to myself,  " is for younger people with no other responsibilities.  There's just no way I could manage it!"   

But then I decided to actually look into it a bit.
I didn't really know much about college at all.  I had many assumptions but
didn't really know any of the facts.  


I didn't have anyone to ask and didn't know where to even start.


There were so many colleges with so many different programs.


How do I know which college to choose?

What classes do I take?

How am I supposed to pay for all of this?

What about my work schedule?


After many hours, days and weeks of research I finally understood that going to college is actually possible...


And I decided that it was MY TURN!

I had to start from the very beginning, but I was so incredibly determined and I felt like I needed to prove to myself that I could be something more...

Also I wanted my kids to see their Mom accomplish something GREAT!


I am now a Registered Nurse working only 2-3 days a week for a full-time six-figure paycheck...  



I went from a high school drop-out, to earning my GED...

Then my first certificate...

And my second certificate...

Then my Associate's Degree...

Then my Bachelor's Degree...

Received my first LPN nursing license...

Then my RN nursing license...


And I still plan on pursuing my dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner! 

"This is information that you are just expected to know when becoming a college student for the first time..  It was great to have someone explain it all to me so I could feel confident as a college newbie."

Dana L, TX

Imagine leaving your dead-end job and going to do something you love...

Imagine getting a job that not only pays the bills but gives you money leftover for the fun stuff...

Imagine being proud to tell people what it is that you do, and knowing that you EARNED it!

Well guess what?  You CAN!!!

Instead of just thinking about the possibility of earning a higher degree and becoming something more, 


Instead of letting self-doubt or misinformation get in between you and your dreams, get informed!

I'm tired of women having to live with these old-school expectations... 

"You have kids...  You're too old...  Too busy...  Your husband supports you, why would you go to school?  Just be happy you have a job at all...  You should just settle down..."


How about more of us women go back to school to become teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, business owners, and tech gurus?  There is no limit to what we can accomplish and we can do it at any point during our lives! 




A course that covers everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision about going to college as a grown-up! 

Let's go over what you will learn in this course...


MODULE 1: Things To Consider...

In this module we will talk about the mental road blocks which stop us from pursuing the things we want to accomplish.  We will also talk about starting a college journey from scratch, compare Universities to community colleges, and go over the different types of learning that colleges offer.



MODULE 2: The Breakdown...


In this module we discuss all the different types of certificate and degree types.  We will talk about prerequisites and other requirements, explain the credit system, and explain minors and majors.



MODULE 3: Once You Decide...


In this module we discuss the application process, transcripts, enrolling, where to go and what to do, and online learning considerations.


MODULE 4: Financial Considerations...

In this module, it's all about paying for college.  We talk about how people actually pay for college, grants, scholarships, loans and payment plans.


MODULE 5: Final Touches...

In the final module, we have tips from adult learners, a textbook discussion, ways to study and college tuition tax information.  


As An Added Bonus...
I will provide you with a  list of numerous scholarship opportunities for people at every age and stage in life!

Get Started Now
with College Explained!


Who this course is for?

People who want to go to college, but have never been there before and don't know where to start.

People who just want to know more about their options when it comes to earning a college degree.

Anyone who feels that they are just floating by in life and knows they are capable of doing so much more.

Those who wish to be financially independent and not want to rely on anyone else for their way of life.


Who this course is not for?

People who have already attended college and have an understanding about how everything works there.

Honestly though, whether you have been to college or not, there is a lot of information covered in this course that you may not have already known...

Knowledge is power!!

Who Am I?

Hello ladies! I'm Cristina and I spent many years of my life daydreaming about going to college to get my degree and pursuing a career that I could be proud of!  

I did many things in my life "backwards" so to speak:   I dropped out of high school early, got pregnant before I was even old enough to have a drink, and spent many years fantasizing about what I would like my life to look like...  


It wasn't until after my third child that I decided to take action and grab my life by the horns...  I knew no one was going to be popping into my life with a million dollar check, so I had to do something to help myself and my family secure a better and more stable future.

That's when I took the first steps to getting into college...  And boy would it have been nice to have a course like this to sum up everything I needed to know ahead of time!

I now have five children and am very financially stable...  Not to mention I have a very in-demand job where I can live anywhere and do all kinds of amazing things in all different environments...


And I'm not finished yet!!! 

“It was really nice to have all of this information given to me ahead of time!  It was so nice when I went to talk with an academic advisor and actually understood everything that he was explaining to me."

Serah P, WA

Grow Your Vision

Get Started Now

with College Explained!

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