I just had a fabulous freshly made strawberry lemonade at Costco. To my surprise, there was only 4 strawberries and an entire lemon in the drink. An ENTIRE lemon…including the skin! What made this possible? A Vitamix blender!

After scrolling through the aisles at Costco, trying to find healthy options for my kids, I kept putting down everything I picked up.  How about these fruit snacks? Nope! Corn syrup is the first ingredient.  How about these fruit bars? Nope! Over 7 teaspoons of sugar! I’m stuck for ideas and stuck with my high standard of nutrition. I’m debating whether I need to compromise in some ways in order to make my life saner.

Then, I turn the corner and find what I’ve been looking for…a Vitamix! Did you know you can hide vegetables in ice cream? Yup. Replace the ice cubes with frozen tomato cubes (I’m sure there’s more tweaking involved).

So I’m excited to give it a try and explore this new world.  It will make eating raw food so much easier if this is a path I decide to take. I’ll keep you posted.

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