Television…are your children watching too much? It’s so easy to use the modern convenience of the television as a babysitter. I get it, I’ve fallen into this trap. I was ambitious at the beginning, not allowing my daughter to watch TV till the recommended age 2. Not that she is 6, I find it all to easy to give into her requests. I particularly find it helpful in the mornings when I’m trying to get her ready for school or around dinner time.

While trying to be mindful of her TV consumption, I spontaneously thought of a good strategy the other day to get her off fast.

I first decided how much longer I was willing to let her watch. I decided on 10 minutes although I was prepared for a fight to breakout and it actually being 30 minutes.

After I decided on 10 minutes, I told her she could watch for 5 minutes more (way below my predetermined time). Then I said, “actually, you can watch 6 minutes more.” Then I set the timer.

As a result, she thought she was winning because I gave her an extra minute. Whereas I was the one actually winning because I got her off the TV in 6 minutes! Whoo hoo!

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