I’m in the process of creating a morning ritual that will be meaningful and empowering. I know the many benefits of gratitude and have been looking for ways to incorporate it into my day.

When I attended Tony Robbin’s conference, Unleash the Power Within, I remember completing an exercise called Emotional Flooding. I am excited that I can replicate the experience though a similar version found on YouTube.

This exercise is incredibly powerful. It elicits extraordinary sensations of gratitude and appreciation. It has helped foster deep feelings of love towards myself as I meditate on the faithfulness and strength of my heart. I am thankful to my Creator for giving me this gift without me ever asking. As I experience the range of emotion stirred up from this meditation, I am reminded of what life is about. I see the beauty and preciousness of life and make conscious choices to savior it more frequently.

This is one of the many activities I would like to add to my morning ritual. It is a sure fire way to change my state when Iā€™m feeling dark and gloomy. It puts my mind in the right perspective and focusing on the things that truly matter.