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Month: January 2018

Frozen Karaoke Machine – Good Family Fun

My daughter is now 7 and she is still a Frozen fan. Her birthday is shortly after Christmas so I have twice the amount of gift giving thinking to do.

This year I wanted to get her something that she would actually use. I find she gets so many toys and then ignores them for the rest of the year. Considering my daughter’s love for singing and putting on dance performances on the coffee table, I figured a karaoke machine would be a good fit.

Since our friends had a Frozen karaoke machine that Ella was interested in, I used that as a starting point. I stumbled across this one because it wasn’t limited to the CD provided and you could hook up a phone if my daughter ever got tired of listening to the Frozen soundtrack. The lyrics display on the TV and, the best part of all….it has a disco ball with lights!!

Frozen Karaoke Machine

Frozen Karaoke Machine

So far the Frozen karaoke machine has been a hit! We haven’t used it to its full capacity yet: just listening to “Let It Go” on repeat with the disco lights on. My two year old likes to mimic my daughter by grabbing the microphone and pretending to sing. We’ve already had a party in the hall, listening to the music (again, “Let It Go”) while sitting under a rainbow tent.

I’m grateful for this gift. I figure she’ll grow out of Frozen at some point but at least the karaoke machine isn’t limited to Frozen. It has brought joy and great entertainment!

Update – We have finally graduated past “Let It Go”! We had another hall party the other night and this time the headliner song was “Fixer Upper.”


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Metal Cups – No More Plastic

In my efforts to continue to go green in my home and reduce harmful chemicals, I made the switch to metal cups. I had a stack of plastic drinking cups for my kids that I figured was time to replace. While I still use plastic bowls and sippy cups, this was the next installment for me.

While I don’t know enough about plastics, I decided that I didn’t want to take the chance of having potential chemicals leaking into my children’s drinking water. Nowadays there seems to be conflicting information and who knows what’s really happening that I’m not really aware of.

I sourced out some metal cups locally but found them to be quite expensive. I resorted to good old Amazon and decided these metal cups were the best based on quality and price.

Metal Cups

Metal Cups

I’m happy with my purchase and they kids don’t seem to care either way. As an added bonus, I was able to replace the drinking cup I keep at my bathroom sink. I try to drink 2 cups of water first thing in the morning and having a glass by the sink helps me keep this habit. However, my husband always warned me to be careful with glass breaking. Now thanks to my new metal cup, I don’t have the risk of breaking glass when the kids knock it over!


This post contains affiliate links that help me support my family and keep this blog running. Thank you for your support!

Vitamix Blender Update – A Catalyst for Health

It’s been four months since I purchased my Vitamix blender and I wanted to give an update. So far, I have literally used it every single day…sometimes multiple times a day! Can you tell I’m thrilled with my blender?

My most common use of my Vitamix is my green smoothie I make every morning. I started implementing this routine when I came across the book, “Body Love – Live in balance, weigh what you want, and free yourself from food drama forever” by Kelly Leveque. I discovered her book through a podcast on nutrition and was intrigued to learn more.

Body Love

Body Love

During the interview, Kelly was discussing how to turn off hunger hormones. This immediately caught my attention because I’ve noticed I’m often still hungry after I consume a large amount of food – particularly salad. In her book, Kelly explains the science behind hunger hormones and how to balance your blood sugar so that you stay satisfied.

Her main concept is called the Fab FOUR – protein, fat, fiber and greens. As a result, every morning I make a smoothie that includes these four components. I don’t change my ingredients much from day to day and I just slap it together regardless of how it tastes. I’m sure I could take the time to follow one of her recipes, but I can’t be bothered.

In my green smoothie, I use water and almond milk as a base. Then I add protein powder for my protein, walnuts for my fat, flax seeds for my fiber, and a big handful of mixed greens. I finish off by adding frozen strawberries, hemp seeds and chia seeds.

Generally, I try to follow her formula below:

#FAB4Smoothie : Protein (20g min) + Fiber (10g min) + 1 Tbsp. Fat + Handful Greens + 1/4 Cup Fruit + Superfoods + Liquid

Then I set my blender to the smoothie feature and away it goes. I’m super impressed with how smooth my smoothie turns out. The chia seeds are undetectable! This is a vast improvement from my last blender. The end result would always have specs of kale and chia seeds. But not so with my Vitamix!

Consequently, I love my Vitamix and it’s been a wonderful catalyst for improving my health and even the health of my son. Thanks to smoothies, I’m able to sneak in healthy ingredients so I can at least have some peace of mind that my two year old is getting some form of nutrition even when he gets picky with the food I’ve offered him.

What’s even better, the ice cream setting allows me to make ice cream with only frozen berries and almond milk! My daughter, who LOVES ice cream, thinks it’s the really thing and always asks for more. I smile inside, happy that my healthier alternative has passed the test.


This post contains affiliate links that help me support my family and keep this blog running. Thank you for your support!

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