Google It’s been way too long since I’ve last posted and a lot has changed since last summer.  The biggest change is the newest addition to my family….a baby boy named Jack!

I’ve been procrastinating and avoiding my writing for several reasons.  One being the challenge of balancing 2 children.  Two being the challenge of balancing my mental health.  I haven’t always “felt” like writing because of low moods or stress or  inopportune times.  I also find my perfectionism gets in the way – trying to get the post just right or fear that it isn’t “good enough.” Lastly, I fear what others will think since it’s quite vulnerable putting myself out there.

Yet, I have so much to share and I need an outlet. It’s been nagging at me to start writing again. With all I’ve been learning about habits,  I know that my future is determined by what I choose to do today. Therefore,  I just need to start and stop caring about how it looks. I’m choosing to let go of each post being perfect so that I can just simply write. I’m choosing to be raw, real and vulnerable.

As a result, I start today as I’m sitting in a chair at the community center. My 5 year old is playing in the playroom and my baby is asleep in the stroller next to me. I’m using my mobile phone instead of my computer because I’ll never start if I wait to be in front of my laptop. I’m enduring the obnoxiousness of auto correct and spelling errors as I push through and just write. I’m choosing to start now despite my excuses. In the end, I’m curious to see where this will lead me….only time will tell.